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Fully Insured Holistic Facialist

Member of the Guild of Holistic Therapists

Advanced Face Yoga Teacher

As a certified holistic facialist and advanced face yoga teacher, my facials & face yoga classes are a fusion of my knowledge and passion for skincare together with face massage, exercises, acupressure, breathing techniques and relaxation.  Inspired by my Mum's love of skincare, I first trained in my 20's and went on to become Manager of the UK's leading Ayurvedic Spa (for 18 years!) before returning to my own holistic treatments in 2015.  I develop and refine my skills continually so I can help my clients look and feel their very best.


Each of my treatments are bespoke and I work intuitively to restore calm and feelings of deep relaxation together with real skin results using award-winning, vegan, sustainable, organic, cruelty free products with naturally active formulas to solve skin concerns and bring your skin back into balance.

My unique combination of massage techniques using 100% natural organic oils with beautiful aromas together with skin and mood enhancing benefits will help to release tension, reduce anxiety, tone, lift, soften and sculpt your skin and promote feelings of peacefulness, tranquility and equilibrium.

My ethos is to take your time, be patient, be consistent and don't be tempted to change your skin routine constantly.  Similarly, having the same skincare routine for several years without changing isn't good either!  It's about finding a balance and a routine that works for you.  Skincare is Self Care.


I'd love to invite you to discover my beautiful bespoke treatments and face yoga classes to help you feel radiant inside and out...



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The Natural Lift Facial

1 hour - £45

The Natural Lift Facial helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, strengthens and tones the muscles of the face, encourages more defined cheekbones and jaw line, improves skin tone and balances skin conditions to reveal a more radiant and lifted skin with lasting results. 

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Lizzie instinctively knew what my skin needed and delivered an incredible experience with beautiful products. Thank you!


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Lizzie's facials leave your skin feeling nurtured, energised, rejuvenated and invigorated! Highly recommend. 

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My facial with Lizzie was fantastic! I loved the massage - so very relaxing! 


07801497148    |

Based in Kent, UK

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